Guess who’s back…back again…

It’s been a very, very long time since I have posted anything on this blog, so first and foremost I will apologise for the absence, whether I have readers who noticed or not.
The past few months have been crazy, to say the least. I lost a lot of motivation to write, simply because I have been so exhausted and caught up trying to gain control of other areas of my life. The writing/blog took a seat on the back burner.
But here we are…a little burst of excitement and motivation has returned, so I’m taking advantage of it while it lasts!

This is always a stressful time of year, it is also one of my favourite times of the year. My birthday is in a couple of weeks, the weather is slowly getting warmer and more importantly, many of my favourite artists are dropping new singles in the build up to the much anticipated release of new albums!

The one thing that is always, and will always be consistent in my life is music. Therefore, I think it is very appropriate for this “guess who’s back” post to be one of the good old “Tuesday Tunes” blog posts.
I always love sharing new music that I can’t get enough of and because it has been a while, instead of one track review today, here’s a little collection of some great tunes that have been firm favourites in my playlists and that you all need to add to yours! Seriously, you won’t regret it.

1. Drag Me Down – One Direction
I could write about this song for a whole post, really. I probably will at a later date that’s how much I love it. It dropped OUT OF NOWHERE just over a week ago and let me tell you, One Direction have still got it. For anyone who thought Zayn leaving would negatively influence the boys music in the future, think again. Drag Me Down is one of the band’s best songs to date, proven as the track reached #1 in Australia last week, marking One Direction’s first number 1 in Australia, EVER! Drag Me Down has a far more classic, rock and roll sound with a subtle mix of modern pop, proving to be a killer combination and a more mature sound for the band. The boys voices work better together than I could have imagined. Not once do you think, WHERE’S ZAYN? Seriously though, Harry’s vocals…killer. It’s so good, on repeat, incredible. Buy it. Stream it. Whatever. But let me tell you, I am beyond excited for what 1D have up their sleeves. The new music is going to be epic.

2. Do It Again – Pia Mia/Chris Brown/Tyga
Honestly, Do It Again is just ridiculously catchy and always puts me in a great mood! There was no avoiding this one, once it was stuck in my head there was no going back.

3. Body On Me – Rita Ora/Chris Brown
Released over the weekend, I was curious to see how this collaboration would go down. Wasn’t disappointed. Body On Me gave me that “Take Me Down/Chris Brown”
kind of vibe – sensual, sexy, smooooooth. It’s super catchy and has a lot of different layers in the song which keeps it interesting. Thumbs up from me! I’m impressed!

4. Can’t Feel My Face + The Hills – The Weeknd
Had to put both of these songs on the list cause I love them both equally. Can’t Feel My Face just hit number 1 in the US this week, marking The Weeknd’s first number one in the country, a perfect build up for his album release later this month. (Which comes out a day after my birthday, thanks for the present!)
Between Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills, it looks like the album is going to have the perfection combination of tracks that range between sultry slow jams and feel good pop/rnb dance jams. And really, who can resist that voice? It’s like honey.

5. Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/Ed Sheeran
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Everything about this song is raw, emotional, pure. It’s just everything music should be. The collaboration between these guys is something I have waited to see for a long time and just works flawlessly. The lyrics, the passion, it comes across effortlessly. Still leaves me speechless, but also makes me want to get up and go live life to the fullest. Beautiful.

6. Black Magic – Little Mix
I AM STILL SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! It’s so catchy and fun, the perfect pop 90s jam that makes you just want to drive with your girls, flipping your hair and singing at the top of your lungs. So much fun. Really, really love Black Magic.

7. Good For You – Selena Gomez
Ok before we start, the original is the only way to go…this song needs the bass that is missing in the music video which was a little disappointing (Selena looks amazing, but cmon, I want the bass!) That being said, I absolutely love the more mature, rnb sound Selena has gone for. It’s sexy, it’s easy to listen to, it’s goooood. I was a huge fan of her last album, so seeing her grow as an artist has been more impressive than I imagined and I can’t wait to see what she releases next.

8. Wings – Delta Goodrem
Currently #1 on Aussie iTunes (thanks to promo on The Voice) but let me tell you, it deserves that spot because I succumbed to the catchy tune and bought it myself. Wings is so catchy, so so catchy, it should probably come with a warning. I definitely think its one of the best songs Delta has released. Her voice is strong, the layers on the song are magical and the beat makes you want to get up, dance, and fly.

9. Battle Cry – DJ Havana Brown
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! Heard it on the radio the other day and instantly downloaded it – amazing. The lyrics and vocal are strong and the beat is infectious. Honestly, this is one of those songs that I am DYING to hear in a club, it has that euphoric feeling, perfect for ensuring you’re in a good mood.

10. Ghost – Halsey
I only recently discovered Halsey and boy am I glad I did…WHAT A VOICE! Honestly she is so talented, her voice just hits you, makes you stop and listen.
I love the lyrics of Ghost, the way the song builds up to the chorus fast then kind of mellows out…it’s just brilliant.
As much as I love Ghost, I also have to mention the cover of Birthday – Katy Perry that Halsey recently. It was beautiful, so so good. Huge fan!

So there we have it! Back into it, a huge blog post to celebrate good tunes, good vibes.
Let’s hope the next post won’t be too far away!


Your weaknesses are your strengths. Remember it. Believe it. Use it.
It may not always feel like it. You may need reassurance, some reflection…but its true. It is your power. Be different. Be strong.
There’ll always be people who will see your weaknesses as just that…but the ones who see them as strengths; they’re the ones to hold on to.


What You Should Know If You Fall In Love With Someone Who Has Crohn’s Disease

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They’re fighters, they’re survivors, because this disease doesn’t have a cure. There’s no specific path that works for everyone. There’s no single answer. So they’ve learned how to figure this thing out for themselves – how to find the perfect balance in their treatment that allows them to live a life as close to normal as possible.

There were probably time periods in their life which they were very okay. Sometimes periods of wellness that even lasted for years. But there’s also been times where their health has been taken away from them. They’ve learned to fight for it. They’ve learned to fight for…

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The Perfect Storm

They say life imitates art…of course as I am writing this post it’s a gloomy, cold morning and rain is pattering down in odd little bursts. It’s a stark contrast to the torrential rain, thunder and gale force winds that casted a dark shadow over majority of the week, so I can’t say I mind the weather today. After all, it does make Sunday feel a little cosier. However, the true inspiration for this post is personal experience of course, but was ignited through this quote.

When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” ― Haruki Murakami.

Sure, after the storms this week I don’t feel too different…bit sinus-y, may have forgotten what the sun looks like, nothing too major. Yet, after many of the storms I experienced in recent years, I have emerged different…maybe negatively, mostly positively; something I’ve been reflecting on.

Storms have many elements, they can take different forms. Whether it’s pouring rain, intense wind, thunder, lightning, hail, flooding…each time they’re similar yet different. Not only have I battled other people hurting me, sometimes darkness has come from within. One day, I will feel confident to share my story, I’m getting there slowly, but until then, all there is to know is my health is like the weather, constantly changing, sometimes unstable…a dark, wild storm one night, a beautiful, warm, sunny day the next. What I am proud of, is my resilience. It can be hard for me to recognise this, as often I feel like I’m still struggling, but I’ve learned if you’re struggling, you’re progressing. You’re going through the storm, you’re learning, you’re growing. I take each wave of pain, fight it with a smile. I find it in me to push through, refuel, and keep going. I have not let it change my personality, or define me. I have not become permanently bitter, angry or anxious. It passes.

It was through these experiences, and the wonderful years of high school, that storms caused by changing friendships also hit. It’s something everyone experiences, the people you once cared for drift away, becoming strangers, shadows of the past. Whether it is peaceful, natural changes, or the aftermath of thunder and lightning, it takes time to accept and work through emotions. People get bitter, upset, angry, jealous…seeking revenge or erasing memories, whatever it is to help them move on. It’s human nature. However, what I am most thankful for is that all of this passes, it has not changed me. I have moved on. The clouds and shadows of old friendships disappeared. For every negative, there is a positive.

Do you want to know the most satisfying feeling? Being happy for an old friend; that is what they are after all, a stranger now, but once an old friend. I experienced it just this morning. I saw some wonderful news for someone who has not spoken to me for a year. Instead of feeling confused, upset, hurt over the unresolved past…I felt content, I smiled. I was happy to see something in our past, something we always talked about, had finally come true for her. It surprised me, and then it didn’t. Because I remembered I am a good person. Pains of the past won’t change that. I am not bitter. I am still me. I am kind, caring; love and light. No one has changed me, hurt has not damaged me. If only everyone was this way. If only others could but happy for others succuss and growth, for other people’s happiness. The world would be a far more beautiful, peaceful place.

As I finish writing this, the sun has come out. It’s late afternoon, I stepped away from my writing, came with back a clear mind and a clear sky. It’s always like that after a storm. You feel like you have no control, everything feels cloudy, whether it’s the clouds in the sky or a fog in your mind. It can be so easy to feel stuck inside, stuck in your brain…almost like you’ve lost yourself. It passes. I have not turned bitter, no matter how many times my trust has been broken; no matter how many times people do not understand me, no matter how much pain I feel. You may emerge with new lessons, new experience, more strength, a bit of pain, some hurt or anger, but there will be courage, hope, happiness…in the end, you are still you. You are still good, pure, kind. I am mature.


Health & Happiness

If there is one thing I have learnt over the past couple of years, it is that health and happiness are so important.
If there is one thing I haven’t learnt completely, it is that you should never feel guilty for prioritising health and happiness.
That’s what I’m learning. That’s what I’m practicing.
I’m also realising, change isn’t always a bad thing.
Where energy goes, energy flows.
My energy is going into the positive, the future…not the negative, not the past.

I’m making decisions for myself, based on what I want, what I feel.
I’m prioritising myself, instead of worrying about what others will think or say.
At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone so why try.

Please yourself, do it for yourself.
I’m doing this for me.
Good things are coming.
I feel free & it’s only going to get better, stronger.
Love & Light.